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Marquee Prices

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Marquee Hire

Perfect for all your home or corporate events.

As well as our diverse range of tools and equipment, we also supply marquee hire and stage hire. Available for self-assembly or we can assemble and dismantle. You may view or print the marquee hire rates from the next page. Please note, prices shown on our marquee and accessories hire list are inclusive of VAT.

Marquees supplied with blue & white walls as standard. Please request window walls at no extra cost if you prefer a view out of the marquee.

Marquee showing a wooden floor laid onto a flat, level surface.

Optional roof and wall linings available, if prefered. Marquee matting or blue cord carpet (pictured) can be supplied.

Stage Hire

Various sizes and shapes can be accomodated. The standard size stage deck available is 8' x 4' (2.44m x 1.22m) - although other deck sizes are available. Units can be joined together to create the shape and size you desire.

Please contact us with your requirements for a quotation on staging. Available for self assembly or we assemble and dismantle.

Stage we assemble on Horse Guards Parade Ground annually for each State Visit

Portable Dance Floor

Dance Podium Hire

We now supply freestanding podium dance poles for hire or sale.

Compact in storage and transportation, quick to assemble without the need for tools yet strong and rigid enough to allow a full range of dance routines, moves and tricks limited only by your ability.

The podium base is manufactured from lightweight aluminium and is supplied as standard with a 3m long 51mm diameter (10ft long 2” diameter) heavy duty polished stainless steel dance pole. (Shorter pole lengths can be requested).

Assembly takes about 5 minutes. First assemble the base by fitting the legs between the lower and upper base frames. Then fit the dance pole to the base and stand the unit in position, locate weights inside the base and fit the valance to the sides to dress the unit.

Polestar Demountable Podium Features

  • Designed to be used freestanding
  • Suitable for a full range of dance routines and tricks
  • Polished stainless steel tube
  • Demountable for ease of storage & transportation
  • Lightweight aluminium base unit
  • 1100mm x 1100mm at 400mm high