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Treble Aluminium Extension Ladders

Lyte Industries

Lightweight treble extension ladder can be erected by one person up to T12'. 2 man operation T14' and over. Available in various lengths.

Usage Information

Safety Helmet
Safety Boots
Safety Gloves
Pick Up / Transit Van

Hire Price

4 Hours1 Day2 DaysWeekWeekendDeposit

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Note - At the time of hire the make and model of the equipment may differ from that shown above.

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Product Varients

Treble 8ft / 2.4 Extends to 20ft / 6m View >
Treble 10ft / 3m Extends to 28ft / 6.85m View >
Treble 12ft / 3.5m Extends to 30ft / 9m View >
Treble 14ft / 4.1m Extends to 33ft / 10m View >
Treble 16ft / 5m Extends to 42ft / 13m (Rope Operated) View >