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Double Aluminium Extension Ladders

G & B Ladders

Lightweight double extension ladder that can be erected by one person. Available in various lengths.

Ladder stay and ladder stopper can also be hired

Usage Information

Safety Helmet
Safety Boots
Safety Gloves
Pick Up / Transit Van

Hire Price

4 Hours1 Day2 DaysWeekWeekendDeposit

All prices shown are exclusive of VAT
Note - At the time of hire the make and model of the equipment may differ from that shown above.

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Product Varients

Double 8ft / 2.4m Extends to 13ft / 4m - GBX225 View >
Double 10ft / 3m Extends to 17ft / 5.2m - GBX230 View >
Double 14ft / 4.2m Extends to 26ft / 7.9m - GBX240 View >
Double 16ft / 4.8m Extends to 29ft / 8.8m - GBX245 View >
Double 18ft / 5.5m Extends to 32' / 9.75m - GBX250 View >